Activity Report

Mighty Oaks! In the last couple of days I've been perusing our archives of activities & photos since our inception. I find it amazing to see how far we've come in the past 12 years beginning in Puerto La Cruz with a handful of underprivileged children to eventually moving into the nearby mountains where we are now established in the small village of Los Altos de Sucre where at present we work with 325 kids.

In spite of so many difficulties and hard times, by God's Grace & your partnership through our various projects, programmmes & extracurricular we've attended a total of 7851 underprivileged children! Not to mention building &/or rehabilitating schools & medical facilities in the Turimiquire region.

Little did we know the impact we would have in the areas of poverty where we work. Some of the kids whom we have sponsored & aided over the last decade are now graduating from University, others from High School. Others have gone on to get jobs & help raise their family's living standards.

As you know, Fides Caritas is a very small organisation with a skeleton crew of volunteers, doctors, missionaries & educators working on a very small budget compared to others. Despite this, we feel proud of what we've accomplished over the years.

Chaucer once wrote: “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” And it is our prayer to continue in our labour of love and help the children under our auspices to truly become “mighty oaks”.

2016 promises to be very challenging indeed for us here in Venezuela, yet we continue to put our faith and trust in the Lord. Our goal is to sponsor 350 children this year through the various projects that we have. Not to mention the seedling project which we plan to expand this year also.

Thanks again to all the volunteers from home & abroad who have given their time & efforts to make all this possible and to you, our sponsors who have laboured with us all these years.