About Us

Fides Caritas was founded in November 2002 by Pierre Bourbonnais & Luisa Escudero, both missionaries in active service since 1990 in Latin America & the Caribbean, working in social & educational aide programs from the Amazon jungle to Tierra del Fuego.
Our team dedicates their time and efforts to improving the quality of life in the neediest sectors. In order to continue, we need assistance in many forms. We alone cannot accomplish all the work that is yet before us without the aid of concerned individuals & organizations who see the need & are willing to help.
Our team is ready, willing & trained, and has earned acclaim for their dedication, resourcefulness & perseverance despite formidable challenges & circumstances. We just need the material & financial resources to enable us to carry on. Can you help?

  • Luisa Escudero

    President - Luisa has been a volunteer missionary for the past 15 years & has worked in various social aide programmes in Venezuela, Brazil & Colombia. With her cheery spirit, sympathy & drive, she has been instrumental in making our work at Fides Caritas a successful one.

  • Mary Carmen Gomez

    Vice-President - Mary Carmen is a school teacher working for the past 20 years in some the neediest areas of the city. Her knowledge in the educational field has been very beneficial to making our work possible. her dedication is truly admirable!

  • Pierre Bourbonnais

    General Secretary - Pierre has been an active missionary for over 20 years all over Latin America & the Caribbean working in missions, social services, aide programmes & disaster relief efforts. Pierre has brought with him a wealth of many years of experience which has been fundamental to our projects & development.

  • Danny Trespalacios

    Director - Danny is an engineer working for many years in the national oil industry, his knowledge of the country & areas of greater poverty have been pivotal to our development programmes. His constancy & energy are much appreciated..

  • Luisa A. Morales

    Deputy Director - Doña Luisa, or "abuela" as we affectionately call her, is a retired public servant who dedicated 40 years to the educational system. With her warmth & compassion she has made a place in the hearts of all those with whom we interact with.