Water is Life Project

Did you know: Water is a limited natural resource and fundamental for life and health. The World Health Organization has estimated that 1.1 billion people (17% of the global population) lacked access to improved water sources, and 2.6 billion people (42% of the global population) lacked access to improved sanitation.

Every day, 3,900 children under the age of 5 die from water-related diseases (e.g. diarrhoea). The lives of these people, often among the poorest on our planet, are devastated by this deprivation. Lack of access to water also impedes the enjoyment of health and other human rights (e.g. right to education, right to adequate standard of living, right to food).

The right to water is indispensable for leading a life in human dignity, but often denied in developing as well as developed countries.

The Water is Life Project is designed to bring clean drinking water to 432 families living in the Las Puertas Sector located near the Los Altos de Sucre village in the mountains, approximately 45km southeast of Puerto la Cruz, in the state Sucre, Venezuela.

There are 432 families living in this area which consists of one main road leading to the village & four small dirt roads off to the sides, down the mountain slope.

The economic activity in the area is agricultural including small family owned coffee plantations, tangerine & lime orchards as well as tubular root vegetables such as ocume, dachine & cassava to name a few.

The living standards are quite low, even for Venezuela, being Sucre state the most impoverished in the country.

This Projects goal is to bring clean drinking water from the Turimiquire pipeline which can be accessed from the village of Los Altos de Sucre.

At present, villagers depend on rain water to supply their needs & local water trucks which supply untreated water to the tune of 0.08 USD per gallon, approximately 400 times more expensive than the United States.

Materials needed: 1.600 meters of 4 inch, high pressure water piping, which will be up on the main road & connected to the village of Los Altos. 2.200 meters of 2 inch, high pressure water piping, which will connect from the main road down the slopes on the four dirt roads where the inhabitants live. Labour will be done by the villagers as well as each individual connection from the main water pipes to each & every home.

Costs: After diligently seeking out the piping and fittings needed here within the country, the best price we’ve discovered is that of 1.102.000 VEF (bolivares, the local currency) this translates into 89.593 USD* (1.102.000 / 12.30 = Official Ex-change rate) (Sicad II: 1.102.000 / 50.00 = 22.040 USD*) As previously mentioned labour costs & individual connections will be handled by the villagers.

We wish to thank you for your time & interest in this project & our work in general. The families & children of Las Puertas will be immensely grateful for your sponsorship of this project, the effects on the living & health standards will be profound.


*Note: there are currently three government currency exchange rates in place. Hence the massive difference in price! Prices mentioned above considered on November 21, 2014 exchange rates. For more information please contact us directly.